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Μετά τον παροπλισμό των Unearthly Trance, ο Ryan Lipynsky (aka Killusion) ανακοίνωσε πως έχει βάλει ξανά μπροστά το blackmetal σχήμα των the Howling Wind και ετοιμάζει το διάδοχο του τρομερού περσινού "Into the Cryosphere", με ορίζοντα κυκλοφορίας το 2012 και προσωρινό τίτλο "Of Babalon".

Been demoing lots of new ideas. Eight songs or so that are in the "first wave" of creation. A few more may be written and then we will fix, fuck up and edit the raw ideas into better ideas for the "second wave". This is how we did it on "Cryosphere" and our process is even more streamlined than before. New material is slightly weirder and more creative with a bit more fast moments. There is a firm direction in the ancient past of Black Metal and Death Metal as well as expanded instrumentation. This is all in the skeleton phase so its no telling what it will turn into once we get into the studio and record these songs for real.
The working album title is:
"The Howling Wind - Of Babalon"
To be released on Profound Lore in digital format in 2012.


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